Progressive Girl

As you know if you spend any time at all on this blog, I watch a lot of sports on television, and thus sacrifice myself to endless repetitions of beer and truck commercials.

Almost all of these commercials are stupid the first time, and become painful over the course of the game -- and unbearable over the course of the season.

So I have been astonished that I still enjoy Progressive Girl, who has been popping up as frequently as a Budweiser commercial during an NFL game, now that Massachusetts has deregulated the automobile insurance industry.

And I'm always happy to see her - even if I've seen that particular commercial a gazillion times.

She has such kooky charm, with just a little edge to it, that she manages to stay fresh.

I'm even starting to say her lines along with her.

And apparently, I am not alone.

There are in fact several online groups and sites, and even a Facebook page, that explore Progressive Girl's charm and magnetism.

The actress who portrays her is Stephanie Courtney, who also has a recurring role as the ditzy switchboard operator in "Mad Men."

And as a passionate fan of "Mad Men" I'm going to be interested to see how Stephanie has chosen to tilt her character in Season Three.