Obey Shepard Fairey - Supply And Demand

I recently visited the Shepard Fairey "Supply And Demand" exhibition at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston.

Though his name may be unfamiliar, I suspect that his viral image of Barack Obama will not be:

I first became aware of Shepard Fairey in the early Nineties, when his “Obey Giant” images began appearing on buildings, bridges and a wide range of other urban architecture in Providence and Boston.

After my exposure to the breadth of his work, seen and considered in a museum setting, I’ve concluded (with many others) that Shepard Fairey is this generation’s Andy Warhol, only better.

His images of Rock And Roll people were one of my favorite parts of the exhibition.

Here's cover art he did for the recent Led Zeppelin reissue:

And here’s Debbie Harry:

Learn more about Shepard Fairey here.