Tickets! Who Needs Tickets?



Okay. The snow has been melting this week, and I haven’t taken my winter jacket out of the closet for two straight days. Yesterday, I wore my “Property Of Boston Red Sox” hoodie, and thoughts of baseball are beginning to find a little traction as they jockey for space inside the man cave of my mind. Hockey is still elbowing everything else aside right now as the Bruins try to make it into the Playoffs, and NFL free agency has gotten interesting, especially as it relates to the Patriots. But I’m beginnong to hear the sound of birds when I go outside now. Baseball opening day must be getting close.

So I went on Seat Geek last night to see what the market was for a cheap early-season Sox ticket. A couple of years ago, I paid $8.00 for a Thursday afternoon game against the Orioles on Jackie Robinson Day, in the right field grandstand. The sun came out, and it was a great day. And every player on both teams wore #42.

The Red Sox usually schedule a day game later in the week of their first home stand. This year, it’s against the Pirates, and right now there’s a seat in Section 10 of the Grandstand for $18. In another ten days, I’m betting it will be closer to $10. The app will let me know. If the price is right, I’ll buy it, and it will get downloaded to my iPhone. Then on game day, it will be Alewife to Harvard on the Red Line, then the #1 bus from Harvard Square to Mass Ave and Boylston, and a nice walk down by the Pike on Ipswich Street to Fenway.

I’ll keep you posted.