Brendan Boyd and I wrote The Great American Baseball Card Flipping, Trading And Bubblegum Book in 1973. It has gone through several editions, and is now available as a Kindle Book.

Reviews of our book have humbled and astonished us ever since it was first published (see "Press" above). At the time we wrote it, we were just a couple of smart-ass guys, joking around about baseball and baseball cards. But we somehow struck a nerve with a lot of people. In addition to the smart-assery, there was a real nostalgia for the game as we remembered it when we were growing up. And a lot of people related to that - especially as the game of baseball continued to become a big business, and kids had less freedom to make up their own games and rules, away from the eagle-eyed intrusion of hovering adults. 

And then there were all the unsolicited reader comments over the years, and letters, and even phone calls. And always the questions "when is the book going to be back in print?" and "Are you going to write another one?" Well, we've answered  the first question. It's back. As to the second question: yes, it could happen. While we caught lightning in a bottle with the first book, there have been hundreds of cards issued since 1973 that are certainly worthy of snarky comments. 

Never say never.