Weeds Season Four

I figured out how I finally got addicted to “Weeds.”

I had watched parts of several episodes from Season Three without a clue as to where the show was going and I just could not connect with any of the characters.

But then I got it – we’re not meant to like any of these people. “Weeds” is just like one of those classic Marx Brothers movies from the 1930s -- “Night At The Opera” or “Duck Soup” -- totally anarchic, with everybody and everything made fun of and nothing left standing at the end

Religions, ethnicities, sexual preferences, physical disabilities – “Weeds” protects none of them, which is certainly refreshing and invigorating in these hyper-PC times.

So now I’m totally into the new season, wishing that each week’s episode ran longer than thirty minutes. (Click on the title to get caught up)