Bad Trip

This week's "Weeds" focused on Nancy Botwin's decision to try alternative medicine as a way to deal with the sudden string of migraine headaches she'd been experiencing. Excedrin Migraine temporarily mitigated the pain, but could not address the underlying causes.

The Mayor of Tijuana (you'll have to watch the past few episodes to understand) took Nancy to a Mexican Healer who arranged a session featuring an unconventional remedy for migraines: peyote.

I'm astonished at how much exceptional material the writers and directors cram into every thirty minute episode, but this week they topped themselves. Nancy's peyote trip sequence was absolutely terrifying, and her reflections the next morning on what she'd learned about herself the night before, as she sat on the beach with her brother-in-law Andy, signalled an intriguing new direction for her character.

Mary Louise Parker is a fine actress who has set the bar high by visiting some very dangerous places while developing this unique character. I hope she wins the Emmy.